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Kerman Regional Reference Office for Intellectual Property

The institutionalization process for the Intellectual Property (IP) rights as a basic tenet for the national innovation strategy is the main requirement for the materialization of the scientific and technological activities in every country.

In the year of 2017, the ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran designated the Kerman Science & Technology Park (KSTP) as a regional reference office for the intellectual property issues in the Kerman Province. The main activates of this office are including coordination and organization of the growing demands on the scientific evaluations of inventions and industrial know-how claims in the Kerman province. Moreover, this office helps people to know about the benefit and advantages of their patents and the national and international patent laws.

The main available services from the Kerman Regional Reference Office for the Intellectual Property are as follows:

-          To evaluate the registered patents by the I.R. of Irans Judiciary power which is in charge of safeguarding the legal and regulatory aspects of intellectual properties in Iran

-          To evaluate the patents that are registered aboard by Iranians and Foreigners

-          To support the patents that are registered abroad by Iranians

-          To provide the consultancy services for patent registration in Iran and international references



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