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Launch of digital stand in the Nano Conference Exhibition
In the Third National Conference and Exhibition on Nano, the digital stand device was launched with the officials from the Science & Technology Park and the Universities of Kerman province.
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According to the President of Kerman Science & Technology Park: Regional Intellectual Property Reference Office was formally launched in Kerman province
Dr. Abbas Ghavam, the president of the Kerman Science & Technology Park noted that this regional intellectual property reference office was successful established with great efforts after obtaining a license from the authority of the judiciary Inquiry in 2015.
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A meeting of experts in the field of defense industry with the officials of Kerman Province Science and Technology Park
A group of national defense experts attended the Science and Technology Park of Kerman province on Tuesday, July 27, with the head of the Kerman Science and Technology Park, and outlined the plans of the Defense and Armed Forces in the field of development and technology.
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President of Kerman Science and Technology Park during a meeting with Chief Justice said
Jurisdiction of inventions can have a significant role in the management of intellectual property
President of the Science and Technology Park in Kerman province at a meeting with the Chief Justice of the province of Kerman that was held at the Justice Department in Kerman, stated: Respect for intellectual property rights play an important role in the development of society.
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Visit of the head of Science and Technology Park of Kerman province from the company of Khazra Structural Initiative
Dr. Abbas Ghavam, head of the science and technology park of Kerman province, visited the production of the construction company Khazra Initiative in the field of construction industry.
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