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A meeting of experts in the field of defense industry with the officials of Kerman Province Science and Technology Park

A group of national defense experts attended the Science and Technology Park of Kerman province on Tuesday, July 27, with the head of the Kerman Science and Technology Park, and outlined the plans of the Defense and Armed Forces in the field of development and technology. The experts of defense industry of the country at a separate meeting with the faculty members of the universities of the province and the managers of the iron companies Taban, the rare metal processing, the most powerful technology, the leading knowledge industry of Faraz, Shokvef Sanat Brana, Energy Gostar Route Nova, Paya Clean Industry The process of a thousand meetings and described some of the Department of Defense's plans for innovative and emerging projects. In the meeting, Dr. Ghavam, the head of Kerman Science and Technology Park, said: "Science and Technology Park and its based companies are ready to cooperate with the defense industries of the country in all fields of technology and knowledge economy."

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