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The incubator category is divided to three sub-categories, i. e., pre-incubator, incubator and technology development.

The incubator center of KSTP is focused on the graduates and entrepreneurs in Kerman province. Generally, their experiences and capitals for economic activities are low and, thus, they naturally need the governmental supports. Since early stage technology and knowledge-based businesses lack many resources, experience and networks, KSTP helps them get through initial hurdles in starting up a business. The most important services in incubator center are including: Advisory boards and mentors, training programs, Links to higher education resource (Graduate University of Advanced Technology: GUAT) and networking and marketing activities. KSTP has high-quality lab space and instruments for the knowledge-based startups and activities under the most flexible terms available in the GUAT. KSTP houses these entrepreneur companies in the Multi-Tenant-Building (MTB) that have begun their economic activities. However, still, their level and amount of activities and financial powers only enable them to rent a room from KSTP without the governmental supports.


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