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The KSTP members will enjoy several advantages as follows:
a. Governmental supports, specially KSTP financial supports.
b. Close and excellent interaction with top technical universities in Kerman province.
c. Location at a research, technical center at international level will bring advantage of access to technology units for foreign market development and new technologies.
d. Introduce an international image of the KSTP for market development.
e. Appropriate investment conditions and appropriate land price.
f. Use of professional services of the KSTP, export supporting, counseling for invention registration, feasibility study and evaluation of projects, training services, technology exchange meetings, participation at technology exhibitions, utilization of laboratory services network of the KSTP, Graduate University of Advanced Technology, use of financial services and investment and etc.
g. Closeness to the Kerman International Airport, Train Station and etc.
h. Adequate climatic conditions in Kerman (Mahan), nearness to other industrial cities of Kerman province.
i. Use of laboratories and specialized workshops for companies that are unable to invest on their own and require team working and use of laboratory facilities of adjacent companies.
j. Potential to receive large projects and to outsource them among different companies and incubators and management of projects.
k. Support of government and other relevant authorities of the companies located at the KSTP.
l. Tax exemption for 20 years for the located companies in the KSTP: annual functioning tax exemption, tax exemption for contracts, labor exemption.
m. Exemption from all the national customs for the commercial activities.
n. Legal advantages for foreign investment and financial exchange.
o. Non- application of labor code for employment of staff in the park. 

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